Vendors 2023


Crow and Hound LLC

We specialize in Handcrafted Nordic wares. Most of our items are sourced by us here in Maine. We take special care to make each item by hand and created to be one of a kind. All items are cleansed and charged to insure you are receiving the highest quality we can provide.

Garrán Naofa Tattoo and Art Gallery 

We had a dream 20 years ago, to create a space to celebrate body modification from a sacred perspective; to create a ritual space to support the transitional experience of going through a body modification experience. Theresa has spent many years studying the ancient history of body art, from ritual body painting, to scarification, tattooing and piercing rituals and was inspired through this research to want to create rich body art experiences which mimic the important, transitional experiences of our ancient ancestors. Jäesun encountered traditional modification practices in his youth, through publications such as National Geographic, and started decorating himself in a similar manner starting at the age of 13. Realizing the importance of these childhood experiences didn’t come until later, but they were integral in the development of his ideas about the importance of these types of rituals in our spiritual development. While our ultimate dream is to create a property which provides the full breadth of our interest in returning to ancestral ways, we have decided the time has finally come to create our first spiritually focused space for body art. We offer a number of different services, including full ritual tattoo experiences, intuitive tattoos, dedications to deity, and spiritually focused designs that don’t necessarily have a ritual element to the experience. We are excited for our clients to join us on this journey and to have access to body art experiences which celebrate the sacredness of modifying the human form.



The Horny Wench

They say dreams don't come true but I am living mine. I started the Horny Wench in 2018 after perfecting my carving skills all while maintaining a full-time job. I then went into business for myself full-time in September 2021. I found a peace with each stroke of my blade on the horns. It was incredible to see the images in my mind become unique and individual pieces that are not just beautiful but are truly functional. My horns can be used for cold or hot (not boiling) liquids. I stand behind each horn that I have made and warranty them. I also offer custom carved horns as well. Handmade drinking horns and other natural horn products

 Ashley Fox Botique
Ashley Fox Boutique

High quality handmade headdress of all styles and designs including weaponized head pieces. Resin crafted jewelry and oddities. Feather, bone, and skull shawls plus other costume accessories. I do custom orders and commissions as well. 
All bones, fur, and skulls are humane and ethical. 

The Lord’s Fine Works

"The Lord's Fine Works, artisans in clothing, metal, leather and more. Navigated land, seas, settlements and empires to bring you all your Viking, Renaissance, Pirate, Medieval, Celtic and Fantasy Faire needs".




Rugged History Beard Co.

Our beard products are all hand made in Texas. We used all unbleached unrefined oils so they keep all the vitamins and nutrients that are in them naturally. Our soaps are all made hot process and in small batches.



We have hand made leather items. Bags, belts, deerskin bodices, pouches, frogs and many other leather goods. Customers may also order custom made items and we carry a variety of leather for your own leather projects.



Retired Soldier, modern fabricator, and an old world blacksmith.   I teach blacksmithing and demonstrate at fairs or historical events.


Thors hammer game


Northman Horns

Handmade blow horns

Gem Stone Mine 

Welcome to an adventure like no other. Gem Stone Mine is an exciting place for children of all ages to find treasures. We also carry a large and beautiful selection of crystals for all your needs. When I am not in my mines I love frolicking around and delighting all. Though I do not speak, you will understand what I’m saying through my troll charms. So look for the sandy arrows and listen for the sound of pure excitement when I’m around. 

Two Snakes Apothecary


Paws and Reflect Candle & Soap Co.

Handmade soaps and Dog treats

Ancestral Trading Company

Crafting with Delight

Houkreative Creations

Stick ponies (dragons, unicorns, horses bulls and more), carrots to feed the stick ponies, felt play food, ball and cup games, play wands, mushroom ornaments, mushroom studies, rag dolls, dnd dice, dnd health potions, play crowns, felt helms, stuffed sword and axes, flower crowns.


Ace’s Faces

Facepainting and glitter designs


Got Wood Cups

Fine Wood drinkware


Dragons Den Decor & Embroidery Works

We are a family business dedicated to producing artisan embroidery works


Threads of Fate

I was born in Texas is 1990, my family came from New Orleans (my fathers side) and Salem Massachusetts during the witch trials (mothers side). I was brought up reading the fate of others (my great grandmother taught me) through a standard deck of playing cards when I was ten years old. I eventually developed my talents and started reading rune stones. After awhile I began learning magic and incorporating it into my daily life: i now have my own business to help those who are in need! Through charged, cleansed, and coded crystals for healing raw and tumbled; spell bottles to assist in every life; handmade crystal pendulums; shiny trinkets, custom made crystal wrapped jewelry and clips; custom magic boxes (they have herbs, candles, crystals, oils, and a few odds and ends! And more


Lettuce Arm Ewe

We are your one stop shop for cosplay quality foam weapons. As kid friendly as weapons can be! We are also a nice little place where the East meets the Vikings come visit us and see what the Orient can provide.


Cloak and Swagger

Misfit Manor


Mystic Hideaway

Mystic Hideaway is a traveling metaphysical shop. We carry everything to help you get your home alter setup, to traveling alter sets.   We also carry unique handcrafted items such crochet witch hats to spell candles and so much more. We also take custom orders on our handmade product. 

Banshee’s Chainmaille

Ancient Earthworks 

Ancient Earthworks is a small business started on a homestead in Alto, TX by owner/artist Nicholas Babbitt. He and his wife have a passion for art and history and strive to combine these into a unique mix that comes across in their petrified wood artwork. Come see them for body jewelry, and unique hand crafted artwork.