Entertainment 2023


Vinland Texas Vikings

Vinland Texas Vikings is a living history non-profit organization dedicated to recreating and presenting Viking culture to the modern masses. With an equal balance of combat and craftsmanship, we focus on historical accuracy and strive to bring these once great explorers to life. From needle to blade, everything is researched and vetted to be as authentic as possible. Vinland is more than just an organization but a community built on brotherhood and honor, each of us as passionate about our bond as we are to our craft.

Please join us at The Yule Viking Festival as we battle and handcraft, the true Viking way.







Adamo Ignis means 'to love flame', exactly what you'll do when you see the hot stunts in this show! Throughout time, human beings have been drawn to fire. Adamo Ignis continues our oldest tradition of gathering to the flame, but with elements of danger and dance. Join her for fire eating, fire breathing, fire dancing, and more and she'll have you leaping out of your seat as she leaps into your heart!






Garrán Naofa Tattoo and Art

We had a dream 20 years ago, to create a space to celebrate body modification from a sacred perspective; to create a ritual space to support the transitional experience of going through a body modification experience. After spending many years studying the ancient history of body art from a spiritual, historical and anthropological perspective, we have been inspired with a desire to create rich body art experiences which mimic the important, transitional experiences of our ancient ancestors. We offer a number of different services, including full ritual tattoo experiences, intuitive or channelled tattoos, dedications to deity, and spiritually focused designs that don’t necessarily have a ritual element to the experience. We are excited to provide these sacred experiences at The Yule Viking Festival at Avalon Faire!
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Ace Bubble Performance

We would like to introduce our very own bubble performer extraordinaire Ace. Her bubble performance will tickle your senses and bring pure delight to your heart. Soap Bubbles are one of the oldest forms of entertainment. The show is interactive as well as informative and will leave you and your clan in amazement.Ace is one of many talents. Ace is also our official face painter . She specializes in amazing Norse inspired make-up for all ages.

Bohemian Jewels


Fusion Dancers

Bohemian Jewels are an amazing troop of Texas Bellydancers. They will be performing a new and exciting show of Tribal Fusion Dances
You will see them dancing with shields axes and other items.This is going to be an exciting and extremely entertaining. Come watch these amazing women put a twist on their work!!!

Tsalagiyi Nvdagi Tribe Texas




Axe Throwing with Banshee