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Yule Viking Festival

JulBlót Feast and Entertainment-December 1,2023

JulBlót Feast and Entertainment-December 1,2023

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Julblót Feast

  Join us for a mystical experience, and a feast to share with Gods. We are offering a chance to see what Norse Pagans do to honor our ancestors and the Gods, and how we embrace the dark winter and reflect on times gone by. This is a rare and limited opportunity to experience something few have ever done in person; holding a sacred ritual to show our respect to our path. You will be part of something most will never experience: merriment, music, fire, stories, kinship, feasting and of course MEAD. We will be serving a four course traditional Norse meal, as well as, told the edda of Thor and his goats. The beautiful Norwegian singer, Crystal Ivarson, will enchant your soul with her mesmerizing voice as you enjoy the feast. You will also be entertained by the powerful music of The Nordic Daughter. Join us behind the veil of a sacred journey, you will be transformed to another time and place. The ritual starts at 6:30pm-10:30pm you can arrive at 5:30pm for a preview to the weekends events.

Seating and participation for this event is extremely limited!

Ticket includes: entry to ritual and entertainment.
Dinner will consist of goat, soup, chicken, root vegetables, dessert, breads, fruits and a vessel of MEAD as well as a souvenir to take home. 

*No animal sacrifice will be onsite*

Meat will be ethically processed by licensed butchers.

Festivities start at 6:30pm.


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